Nerds Gummy Clusters Very Berry - 3oz


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NEW Nerds Candy

Nerds Gummy Clusters Very Berry

They are finally here! Nerds Gummy Clusters Very Berry flavoured. Nerds Gummy Clusters were the candy of the year for 2021 and Very Berry is coming for the 2022 crown! They're sweet and gummy on the inside, just like Nerds Rope, and crunchy on the outside, just like the original Nerds!

Deliciously chewy berry-flavoured rounds are rolled in crispy Nerds candies for a new candy experience like none other! Get a taste of both tangy & sweet, and chewy & crunchy with the help of Nerds Gummy Clusters.
A wickedly awesome balance of flavours and textures in each bite-sized candy.
After trying this Nerds variety, you will find yourself reaching for more and more each time! Luckily, this candy comes in a larger 8oz pouch to indulge in.
Let us know if you like the original or the very berry better!