Lola + The Boys

Kids have no filter, especially when it comes to fashion. They’re purely creative, hilariously honest and fearlessly expressive. They just want to have fun with what they’re wearing.

For Lola and the Boys’ founder Irina Ovrutsky, having kids pushed her inner artist to come out and play. Going from model to mama, she had daughter Lola (followed by sons Shia, then Julian (“JuJu”), and it changed everything. Irina put the brakes on a women’s boutique she had in the works and suddenly saw style through a different lens—more colorful for kids, yet practical for parents.

Her path from runway to designer took an unexpected turn into a playful, sparkly land of kids’ fashion where glitter, unicorns and rainbows rule. She affectionately called it Lola and the Boys. Growing up in the Crayola-bright world of Punky Brewster, Rainbow Brite and the Care Bears, Irina finally had an outlet to let that sense of imagination shine in a big way.

“As you have kids, you realize what they really need and what they don’t,” she says. “You buy designer clothes and either they don’t really wear it, or they wear it and trash it. I wanted to think of something fun, playful and high quality that every mom could afford.”

And so, this fantastically fun brand was born in Chicago in 2016. With it, came Irina’s built-in focus group of mini me’s to yea or nay fabrics, colors and trends, giving her designs an enthusiastic thumbs up, or anugh, dinosaurs are so last season for 8-year-olds, Mom.

It’s no wonder why celebs and their kids (ahem, Blue Ivy and JoJo Siwa) are fans of LATB. The real Lola and the Boys know what kids like because they’re kids, too. Sure, the clothes are cool enough to go from playground to party, but they’re also ultra comfy and high quality—looking fresh season after season, sibling after sibling. And why should the kids have all the fun? There are lots of looks for mamas to match with their littles.

“I want kids to have fun in the clothes and feel good in them, to express their personalities and know that it’s okay to be a little extra.”

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