Les Tout Petits

Lois Letzt launched Les Tout Petits almost 30 years ago with a small collection of sleeveless tanks and bike shorts in bold hand painted geometric prints. The collection was literally a show-stopper. There was absolutely nothing like it in the marketplace. As Lois left the show, with a huge stack of orders to fill, it was clear; Les Tout Petits was in business.

As an FIT graduate and former fashion editor at Seventeen magazine, Lois was destined for design heights from the outset. Add that to the fact, Lois worked as a stylist in Manhattan in the glory days of Studio 54 and it’s clear to see where Lois’ love for all things glamorous came from.

Her innate sense of style and ability to forecast coming trends has kept Les Tout Petits ahead of the fashion curve for the last three decades. Creating and setting the trends in children’s wear is second nature to Lois and this is evident each season when the new collections launch.

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